The Twelve Mythics

The Twelve Mythics are some of the most legendary and powerful entities on the planet of Vulterra. Each one is sentient and intelligent, but their goals and motivations differ widely.

The Mythics were said to be created by the Old Ones when they first created Vulterra. They sent the Mythics to protect, patrol and shape the planet to the benefit of its inhabitants. The Mythics did not all intend on following the Old Ones’ orders and some named themselves gods and forced the young races of Vulterra to worship them. This led to many skirmishes and even wars between the Mythics.

The First Mythic is Ssrolyth, the Sleepless Lizard. Ssrolyth was the most intelligent of the Mythics, but has sense been driven mad by the punishment inflicted upon him by the Old Ones for turning from his directive. He was tasked with controlling the flow of knowledge to the inhabitants of Vulterra; against his orders, he shared all the knowledge he could with them. Because of this, the Old Ones twisted his primordial and early form into cracked rock and dripping magma and deprived him of the ability to sleep, despite always being tired. He could not eat, even though he had an endless hunger. They perfected his form when they created the Suraknians, some of which now follow the creature, hoping to end its eternal torment.

The Second Mythic is Verisor, the World Larva. Verisor is a giant, sentient grub. It is said that Verisor is using Vulterra as its egg or nest and will eventually leave to metamorphose into a new planet. It is not clear what task the Old Ones gave Verisor on Vulterra; it is known, however, that he was one of the Mythics that did not stray from their initial commands. Some sorcerers and magic-users over the untold years have attempted to hasten the Mythic’s transformation for unknown reasons.

The Third Mythic is Faeryth, the Sun Raven. Faeryth is a huge, intelligent bird composed of flame. The Sun Raven was tasked by the Old Ones with defending the planet of Vulterra from any outside threats. Faeryth has stoically upheld this task for countless generations and refused to join Ssrolyth in his war for freedom against the Old Ones.

The Fourth Mythic is Serinis, the Lady of Pain. Serinis is often depicted as a tall, fair-skinned, dark-haired Elf wearing a dress of black feathers and holding a whip made of leather and the vertebrae of sentient creatures. Serinis has the ability to change shapes and utilizes it often. Nobody knows what the Old Ones sent Serinis to Vulterra to do and many cultists and sorcerers have followed Serinis over the centuries. It is also unknown if Serinis sided with the Old Ones or Ssrolyth in the war.

The Fifth Mythic is Niak, the Jaw of Iron. Niak is a large, sentient creature with a body similar to a bull’s and the head of a lion. He was tasked with keeping the balance between the different races on Vulterra. He disobeyed the Old Ones and aligned himself with Ssrolyth in the war against them. The Jaw of Iron is often said to be partial to devouring the flesh of intelligent creatures, especially children.

The Sixth Mythic is Duundeir, the Great Thunder. Duundeir is a massive reptilian creature. Although he is sentient, he is savage. The Great Thunder cared little for the Old Ones and barely cared for his task—watching over and protecting nature on Vulterra—even before the war between them and the Mythics. Instead, he destroys and devours nature for his own pleasure.

The Seventh Mythic is Syssethiss, the Pale Death. Oorzar has been seen in many forms but his true one is that of a great white snake. When placed on Vulterra, Oorzar was tasked with making sure that people die when their time has come and to prevent them from cheating death. He was fiercely loyal to the Old Ones but was also good friends with Ssrolyth. While he did take the side of the Old Ones, his loyalty was shaken profoundly by the actions of his friend.

The Eighth Mythic is Sarkuth, the Winged Frost. Sarkuth is a huge, white dragon with bits of ice and snow covering his scales, which shine with a slightly bluish sheen. Like Faeryth, the Winged Frost was tasked with defending Vulterra against outside dangers. But Sarkuth thought that this protection would breed weakness in the planet’s inhabitants, so he turned his back on the Old Ones. When Ssrolyth and the others openly defied their masters, Sarkuth joined them.

The Ninth Mythic is Teintiun, the Hungering Deep. Teintiun is a colossal, squid-like creature that dwells in the deepest and darkest parts of the ocean surrounding the supercontinent of Vulterra. He is depicted in various forms but all are fairly similar. He is always a beast with countless tentacles and dark, glossy flesh. No one knows exactly what the Old Ones tasked the Hungering Deep with, but they do know that he did not uphold his duties. He betrayed the Old Ones alongside Ssrolyth and was sentenced to never again see the light of the sun. He was forced to spend all eternity in the darkest depths of the ocean.

The Tenth Mythic is Kaichu, the Living Land. Kaichu is a turtle so giant that the buildup of algae and dirt on his shell has provided a place for trees and grass to grow. Creatures—both sentient and otherwise—have made the shell of the Living Land their home. Kaichu was tasked by the Old Ones with taking in inhabitants of Vulterra if they were in danger. He has done so since he was sent to the planet and did not waver from the cause when many of the other Mythics rose up against the Old Ones.

The Eleventh Mythic is Peyxis, the Water’s Doom. Peyxis can take on a massive version of the form of any fish and patrols the waters around Vulterra. His duty was to protect the inhabitants of Vulterra as they journeyed through and across the planet’s oceans. He did not like this task and often took to capsizing vessels and devouring the occupants. The Water’s Doom was quick to ally with Ssrolyth in the war against the Old Ones.

The Twelfth Mythic is Farthok, the Sunken Colossus. Farthok is a massive, humanoid figure of stone and iron, covered in algae and seaweed. Creatures make the cracks in his mineral flesh their homes and swim in and out of his various crevices. The Sunken Colossus usually wanders the ocean floors of Vulterra but will sometimes come up onto land. Nobody knows what the Twelfth Mythic’s duty to the Old Ones was. But it was a duty left behind when he betrayed them and aligned himself with Ssrolyth and the other treacherous Mythics.

When the Old Ones won the war against the traitorous Mythics, they condemned them all and trapped them on the planet. They stripped them of their duties and abandoned the planet, considering it and its guardians a failure.

The Twelve Mythics

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