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Vulterra is a strange world of magic and technology, inhabited by many different creatures and shaped by the Mythics. The planet’s surface is dominated by a massive supercontinent. This supercontinent can be divided into multiple regions and environments.

The Terbur Wilds are a large area consisting of swamps and jungles. The Terbur Wilds occupy the entirety of a large peninsula on the east side of Vulterra. It is inhabited mainly by Cyprans, Brelbrorbs and Burflogs. These three groups often engage in clan wars amongst themselves and each other, but when an outsider enters the Terbur Wilds, they are known to sometimes band together for a short time to fend off the interlopers.

North of the Terbur Wilds is a region known as the Marshes of Stirauk. This region is a large area made up mostly of marshes and dense woods. The marshes are home to the Suraknians. The Suraknians revere magic and its users and most can wield it at least a little. The Suraknians are known to war with their neighbors to both the north and south; they hope to conquer the Terbur Wilds for its rich jungles and suitable climate, and wish to go north to the Platinum Peaks for its wealth in metals.

The Platinum Peaks is the region north of Stirauk and is mainly controlled by Dwarves and Halflings. The Dwarves and Halflings have allied for economic and defensive purposes. The Dwarves are skilled miners and craftsmen, while the Halflings are good traders and merchants, making their alliance mutually beneficial. They also both have an enemy in the Suraknians to the south.

To the east of the Platinum Peaks, Terbur Wilds and the Marshes of Stirauk is the Central Plains. This region is mostly lush grass and fertile soil with a few large jungles, as well. There are a few mountains containing precious metals and stones, but the land is flat for the most part. The Central Plains was the seat of the Imperial Hive of Zk’aliks and Klethk’klik and is now a warzone. Due to its wealth and defensible position, most all forces on Vulterra are vying for control of this region.

The Rarkrov Peninsula, to the east of the Central Plains, was once controlled completely by the Grand Packs of Rarkrov, a nation of Jackals. Since then, the Celestial Alliance, a kingdom of Elves and Men, has taken the majority of the north of the peninsula. On top of that, the Nine Western Tribes of Kobolds have taken the part connecting the peninsula to the mainland. They have ransacked caravans and collect pricey tolls on any non-Kobolds that intend to pass through.

South of the Central Plains is the Isthmus of Themsur. This thin stretch of land is home to mostly Orc and Goblin tribes that raid and murder most anyone who passes through. The Orcs and Goblins are in a sort of one-sided alliance with the Goblins on top, due to their technology—though still fairly primitive compared to most—being superior to that of the Orcs.

Across the Isthmus of Themsur are the Outlands. The Outlands are a cold and barren land, split fairly evenly between three groups. The Southern Raurthig Tribes occupy the westernmost part, the Raskesk dominate the east and the Crystalline Hegemony of the Eliskar is wedged in between. None of these three groups get along well and are constantly at war with each other, as well as the Orcs and Goblins to the north.

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