Imperial Hive

Eons ago, the Imperial Hive—a large army of Zk’aliks and Klethk’klik connected to a hive mind—overthrew the Supreme Imperial Magocracy of the Suraknians and claimed the Central Plains as their own. For milleniums they have ruled the majority of Vulterra and prospered. Any race other than Zk’aliks or Klethk’klik living in the nation would be stomped upon and possibly bound by chains and forced into slavery.

Citizens and slaves of the Imperial Hive revolted many times but failed time and time again. This is due to a magical and physiological advantage of the insects: their hive mind allowed them to communicate better, resist more and even gain more physical strength based on how many comrades were around them. And the Hive was numerous. There were millions upon millions of soldiers under the control of the Imperial Hive.

Until recently…

Nobody truly knows what happened; some say the heavens themselves have condemned the nation. The capitol city of the Hive collapsed, shook and erupted into flames. Civilians and slaves everywhere took their opportunity. A full-scale revolution is now in the making. But outside powers have their eyes set on the seat of Vulterra and have taken their opportunity as well. The entire planet of Vulterra is at war. Chaos and death abound. There are riots in the streets, a revolution and every other power on the planet vying to claim Vulterra as their own. They fight each other as well as the remains of the Imperial Hive. Criminals, raiders and looters have also taken their chance to claim what they can from the wreckage of the capitol as well as the other cities, torn apart by war. And though the Hive is weakened, its elite RAPIER Unit continues to strike at its enemies from the dark.

Few believe the Imperial Hive will ever recover.

Imperial Hive

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