Brelbrorbs—commonly known as Fishmen—are slender, scaly humanoids. Most are white, orange or blue. They have large, bulbous eyes on the sides of their head and rubbery barbels around their mouth. Their fingers and toes are webbed and some have a thin stretch of skin between their chest and upper arms.

Brelbrorbs are usually divided into nomadic familial groups that stay close to the water. Brelbrorbs revere those that can harness magic and most use theirs to control and channel water. Some even believe they can commune with the water; they believe that all water on Vulterra is a single entity. Brelbrorbs are renowned for their healing abilities and nations have been known to hire familial units as medics during a war.

Brelbrorbs war with the Cyprans and Burflogs quite often, claiming that they taint the water in everything they touch. They consider the technology the Cyprans use to be an abomination and hate the Burflogs for using what Brelbrorbs claim is dark magic.

Brelbrorbs are amphibious and possess both lungs and gills. This means that they can breathe in both air and water. Most do not care, but there are groups of Brelbrorbs that strictly breathe water and consider air a taint on their bodies. Their webbed fingers and toes allow them to swim faster and more easily. As some Brelbrorbs are hired as medics, some are hired as teams to strike naval vessels from below, surprising their enemies.


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