A Cypran monster hunter hoping to earn fame and glory.


Needu is fairly tall for his species at five foot nine. His skin is blue and the ridged spines on his head are a bit longer than average.


Born in the eastern Terbur Wilds to the Othisko clan, Needu quickly gained a reputation as the best hunter of the clan. After many years of fighting and hunting for the clan, Needu became prideful. He yearned for personal glory and went on hunts alone and often hunted traitors to Clan Othisko. He ventured far from into the Terbur and even went north into Suraknian land. The clan branded him a traitor and cast him out, forbidding him from using the name “Othisko” unless he redeemed himself.

After leaving Clan Othisko, Needu made his living by hunting monsters and beasts in the wild and selling their skin, fur, horns, teeth, oils and other materials. He has also been known to raid the nests of valuable animals—such as Voric Beasts and Theirish Hounds—and smuggle the eggs to the highest bidder. Other illegal activities involve concentrating the psionic or hallucinagenic oils of beasts like Lye’ok Jumpers and Rikoli Lizards.

On his journeys through the forests and wilds of the Central Plains, Needu met a Klethk’klik member of the Imperial Hive by the name of Klikis Kleth. Both respected the hunt of beasts and men and quickly became friends. They have worked together many times to hunt down monsters and criminals alike.


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