Klikis Kleth

A well-armed Klethk'klik hunter who works to catch criminals and traitors to the Imperial Hive.


Klikis Kleth is a tall Klethk’klik, standing at about seven foot two. His carapace is a charcoal grey and he is one of few Klethk’klik known as well-arms. The secondary set of arms of well-arms are more developed and possess functioning hands, allowing them to wield weapons, shields and more in them.


Klikis Kleth was born in the Imperial Hive and spent most of his life as a servant to it. He would track and kill criminals, traitors and enemies of the Hive. Eventually, he began hunting troublesome beasts, as well, as he saw them as just as much a threat as people. Klikis Kleth works and hunts within the borders of all nations and cares not for jurisdictional boundaries.

On one of his hunts, Klikis Kleth met Needu, a Cypran monster hunter and smugger. As both sought honor and glory through combat and hunt, they quickly became friends and started hunting together. They would aid each other in their hunts of man and beast and would split the profit equally.

Klikis Kleth

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